St. Guanella Anbagam Special School is privileged that home based rehabilitation services have been offered to the special children by the teaching staff. This type of rehabilitation service has become the main gadget as well as a challenging task amidst the covid-19 pandemic which still persists. Since our children were transferred from the residential setting to the home setting due to the pandemic, we have observed the vulnerabilities such as poor continuity of care, deprivation of daily routine activities, therapeutic assistance, food and medical care and more.

In order to recreate the same atmosphere, our disciplinary team (special educators, therapist, care takers) have taken the initiative to provide maximum rehabilitative services by visiting their homes. At the home setting our children are supported with physical exercises, occupational therapy, speech therapy and self-care activities. This approach will be continued until school resumes. Our special children expressed their inexpressible joy and happiness at the service of our staff team